Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shiva Vangara - an Artist SOUL from India.

Born in 1963 in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh - known as Andhra Paris in India. He is a born artist with no formal training - being born in artist’s family. His father V.L.S. Gopala Rao was a Drawing teacher and portrait artist, 2nd generation student of renowned Bengali painter Pramod Kumar Chatterji ( who lived in Sri Aurobindo Ashram) and Shiva's great grand father was a temple architect.

Shiva's basic foundation was realism and portraits. Then in 1983 when he started his quest for Truth at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India - his perception of art changed entirely and entered into spiritual dimension.

As a child in school and collage he had always a winner in painting competitions, even at State level. His inspiration was “The highest art is that which by an inspired use of significant and interpretative form unseals the doors of the spirit." - The Mother.

He did his first professional portrait at the age of 14. He had his first solo exhibition in Bombay at Gateway of India in 1993. Then, Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville in 1995.

Several portraits and paintings are with Bollywood film personalities and a major work and two portriats are in London and USA. About 100 small water color paintings of spiritual themes are in collection with Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

He likes to work with ALKYDS, most advanced colors from Winsor and Newton,London.

At present he is mostly busy with his ambitious Hollywood project entitled Fourth Dimension


Pauline said...

What is the eternal truth?

Blogger said...

Please let me know something about Late Promod Kumar Chatterjee -the painter. I met him only in his last days in Calcutta.
My email id:kripatirtha97[at]
I will be obliged if you write.

Yours in the Mother,
Debabrata Ghosh

Shiva Vangara said...

My dear other self Paulin,

The ONE, Delight, Consciousness, Truth that is ALWAYS there before the Creation and after the so called Pralaya or Biblical Armageddon And IT is also beyond the manifestation, the Transcendental, that manifests, self limits into Matter and Material Creation for the purpose of Leela, The Eternal Play with Himself.


My dear Debabrata,

I don't know much about Late Promod Kumar Chatterjee, even my father didn't see him. We heard only from my father's teacher who was direct student of Promod Kumar. But only when I came to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, I got a deeper link. His portraits and creative works are in the Ashram. He was living in the Ashram sometime and The Mother even bought his paintings , when he was in distress. You can see his portrait of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo's darshan pose and some tempera works in Sri Aurobindo's room. I've also heard he sold many works in Paris.

One thing I'm proud of that he was in touch with the Mother and lived in the Ashram and I was there too as his 3rd generation student, since 1983 onwards, seen a great change in my artistic vision.